Hostel “Cat on the roof”

Bed in 4 bed room

The word “hostel” appeared in the lexicon of avid Russian tourists recently, although the concept has existed over then 100 years before. The appearance of the hostels associated with the name of Richard Shirman – teacher from Germany. He often took his students on a far walking tours of Bavaria. Young travelers slept in different monasteries and schools, which was in their way. A little bit later, the teacher began to contact the owners of private houses, to allow staying a tour group for the night for a small payment.

What is a modern hostel?

  • Our hostel offers to travelers cheap accommodation, designed for a few people. Every hostel has its own rules concerning guests:
  • Comfortable single beds gives an excellent opportunity to sleep and relax after a busy day of sightseeing.
  • Usually, one room can accommodate from 4 to 12 tourists.
  • There are rooms designed for only two people.
  • Toilets, shower and bathroom, are located on a floor, it is in common use. However, it is always kept spotlessly clean, have hot water and comfortable.
  • For storage of personal things, we are using a separate room or special safes, the keys are given to the guests.
  • There is a kitchen where guests can cook or heat their food. Available all necessary utensils.


750₽ / day.

Services and benefits

  • Check-in and booking 24 hours a day;
  • New and comfortable beds;
  • Bedding sets from quality material;
  • Spacious and equipped kitchen;
  • Hour video surveillance;
  • Modern showers and toilets;
  • Free coffee and tea for all guests;
  • Free high-speed WiFi;
  • Gaming room with TV console;
  • Individual cells for storage;
  • Ironing boards and accessories.

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